Since its creation in 2014, Dermeca precision has surrounded itself with experts and specialized collaborators with one objective: customer satisfaction.
Our wide range of skills allows us to meet all your needs with precision, quality and responsiveness through a turnkey service.
According to your requests, we design and produce small or medium-sized high precision mechanical products. Whether you need custom-made or mass-produced items, you will benefit from our entire value chain, from design to delivery

Our team of experts works on
the development of your product
via CAD and with the help of a
mechanical calculation simulator.

We perform fiber laser cutting with
a precision of 0.1 mm.
We have a maximum capacity of
6000 x 3000 in 35 mm thickness.
Our range of raw materials is wide:
steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Our angular laser precision system allows us to perform complex
bending with an accuracy of 0.5
Our bending capacity is up to
4,000 mm with a maximum
thickness of 25 mm.

Our boilermakers master the
work of steel, stainless steel and
aluminum for the realization of
mechanically welded structures
in TIG / MIG / MAG multi-processed up to one ton.

We work on your workpieces, manufacture your entire set as well as your machines, all on drawings or on models. Our machine park is composed of an axis of 20mm up to a frame of 3000 x 3000 x 1500mm, with a maximum lifting capacity of two tons.
We are experts in digital turning and milling, assisted by CAD/CAM software, and traditional turning and milling for parts ranging from prototypes to large series.

• 2 3-axis HSM machining centers, 1000mm x 600mm x 500mm
• 2 CN milling machines, 1800mm x 800mm x 650mm
• 5 conventional lathes
• 2 3-axis CNC turning centers with a maximum capacity of Ø650mm and lg1100mm
• 2 conventional milling machines
• 3 mortising machines capacity 360mm
• 1 band saw with a capacity of 260 mm, angular +/- 60°.
• Multi-process welding station for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, TIG / MIG / MAG
• 1 Laser 10kw fiber with a cutting on sheet metal ded 6000×3000 thickness 35 mm maximum
• 1 folding machine with a force of 320 tons and a capacity of folding by laser on 4 m



Food industry



Cement factory




Our experts have more than twenty years
of experience and provide rigorous work
with modern techniques and ancestral
All of our solutions and work methods are
constantly evaluated to guarantee quality
products and services.
Listening and understanding your needs
is our guiding principle


We control the entire value chain
from design to production, including
prototyping. An autonomy that allows us
to be reactive and efficient.
We are committed to deliver within the
time frame we have agreed on.
Your satisfaction is our priority


Our equipment is of a very high quality
and we ensure a frequent renewal.
This ensures that our machines are at the
cutting edge of technology and allows us
to go beyond the limits of reality to offer
you the impossible.